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Dr. Jeannet-Susann Kiessling

Communication is based on storytelling. If you want to convince people of your ideas, if you want to get them excited about your product, you have to tell a good story. As a speech writer, I have a longstanding relationship with storytelling. I know how powerful words can be if you choose them deliberately and purposefully. 


My strength is to capture the essence of a concept and put it in simple and powerful words. If you have an exciting product or an innovative idea, I will help you communicate your message to impact your audience or customers. In today's world, getting the message out is as important is more important than ever. 

My business partner Carsten Thomsen-Bendixen has the same passion for stories as I do. Together, we bring in many years of expertise, working for multi-national enterprises, startups, and politicians. We care about your business, and we will make sure your customers will too. 



Master of Arts, International Relations (Politics and Economics), School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C.


Political Consultant, Planning Staff, CDU Germany


Head of Foreign and Security Policy Department, CDU Germany


German Defence Ministry, Political Advisor to Minister Rühe, Bonn and Berlin


Head of State Election Campaign Headquarters Campa Nova, Kiel 


VP Corporate Communications, Bertelsmann AG, Gütersloh

2010 -Current

VP kleine herzen, Austria and (starting 2011) President of kleine herzen Germany (Vienna and Heidelberg)


Dr. Phil. International Relations, Technical University of Dresden


Co-Founder and Managing Partner

j+c communications consulting, Berlin and Palo Alto

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