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Crisis Communications
Never lie!

You don't have to tell the whole truth at any time. Sometimes it might be better to be discreet. But: do not lie ever. Lies can cause crises in the first place.


What was Boris Johnson thinking when he attended parties while his fellow countrymen were in lockdown? When he circumvented his own laws that prohibited everyone else from gathering? It’s hard to imagine how a professional like Johnson, a political animal who understands the rules of public relations, gets himself in such profound trouble. To make things worse, he lied about his wrongdoings in parliament, turning his mistake into a veritable crisis for the conservative government. Johnson barely survived a vote of no confidence. What could he have done better?


For one, lying about a mistake is never a good idea. Johnson lied in front of live television cameras. He showed no remorse and displayed a gross neglect of his own rules as if they were only made for others. He should have acknowledged his faux pas immediately and publicly. Furthermore, he should have made sure that it would never happen again. Credibility once lost is hard to bring back. Don’t wait until it is too late. Speak to us today if you feel that you want to correct a mistake and avoid a public relations crisis. 

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