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Corporate Messaging
The right message moves your business

Nobody knows your business and your product like you do. But explaining it to others can be a challenge. What makes you stand out? Why should customers buy your product and not your competitors? Here are a few tips that will help you think about how to communicate with your customers:



  • Create a coherent message around the why. Before you work on your message, think about what motivated you to start your business. In other words, why are you doing what you are doing? If you are, for example, starting an online university, your motivation might be to create a better experience for future students. They are probably as dissatisfied with the current status of online learning as you are. Knowing your why strongly connects you to your customers.


  • How does that help your customer? In the next step, tell your customers how you are changing things so that they can have a better experience. Focus on your very unique way of doing things. Companies often brag about their products by mentioning awards, that they are better than their competitors or how they will make a record amount of money in a business cycle. But how does that really affect those who are supposed to buy the product or service? Instead of telling your customers how great you are, think about how your product or service can actually help them improve. Show how someone who bought your product made more sales, solved a problem, or made a procedure more simple and convenient. The bottom line: Add value to your customers. 


  • Avoid jargon. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own little bubble. The language we use might be clear to us, but are they clear to your audience? Put your text to the test. If your language is exclusive, if you use acronyms or words that aren't concise, your clients might not understand your message. And you have lost a chance to make a sale or build a relationship. Remember: Your competitor is just a click away. And if he or she tells a better story, you are left behind. 


  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. Once you find your core message, use it for all forms of communication. Whether you post on social media, issue a press release or speak in front of an audience: The core message has to shine through. It determines the tone of your customer voice and the look and feel of your ads even if your story varies. 


Following these guidelines will sharpen and improve your communication with your customer. It helps you tell a better story. 

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